Why everyone should experience a Mediterranean Summer

why you must experience a Mediterranean holiday

Summer is a wonderful time to travel.  Obviously the weather is ideal, the sun shining makes people happier,  and European cities and town tend to shine in the Mediterranean summer.  It’s no wonder people love to travel to Europe in summer and experience the Mediterranean.   There is certainly  a uniqueness that I haven’t found here […]

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Making museums fun with kids….

making museums fun for kids

Making museums fun with kids is one way to ensure visiting such places whilst on holidays is indeed fun. The fact of the matter is, kids have a limited attention span and even adults can only take in so much history or number of exhibits.  Well, with a little creative thinking and modifying your own expectations […]

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Why AirBnb is a great option for families

why airbnb is a great option for families

    Why Airbnb is a great option for families…. It is a wonderful experience to travel as a family!  Each new place we visit creates wonderful memories that are simply priceless.  However, one element of holiday planning that can be tricky to navigate is accommodation options.  Have you considered Airbnb?  I will tell you why […]

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Tips to finding the best accommodation on AirBnb

tips to finding the best accommodation on airbnb

It’s no secret I love to use Airbnb when travelling – you can read here why it works for families!   I love seeing our destination of trips stack up, however, with all the choices now on offer and the media always ready to pounce when someone has a bad experience, I understand it can be […]

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6 tips – Rome for families

6 tips to do in rome for families

Rome is a city I absolutely adore.  As a family we have been a few times.   It can be overwhelming, busy, chaotic and crazy.  If you are planning a trip to Rome, some preparation is key. Here are our top tips for Rome you should know before travelling with your family.   Top 6 tips – […]

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Creating video memories of your holiday

A great way to create a memory of a holiday is with a short video. Nowadays, with phones and gopros taking such amazing footage – paired with easy-to-use movie apps – there is no reason why you can’t make a short clip to capture a moving memory of your holiday. Here are my tips to […]

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