When holiday mishaps happen

The thought of mishaps happening on family holidays are enough to put people off, however, in my experience mishaps can also be a blessing, a real anchor in how you perceive your holiday.  It can create a lasting memory. Mishaps, mistakes, the unplanned and unforeseen does happen.  It is part of life.  So when you embark […]

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Why AirBnb is a great option for families

why airbnb is a great option for families

    Why Airbnb is a great option for families…. It is a wonderful experience to travel as a family!  Each new place we visit creates wonderful memories that are simply priceless.  However, one element of holiday planning that can be tricky to navigate is accommodation options.  Have you considered Airbnb?  I will tell you why […]

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Welcome to Our Family Travels

Welcome to Our Family Travels This is our travel blog which covers everything related to travelling as a family. We wanted to create a space to document, inspire and share our love of family travel.  As lovers of travel, we hope you will be inspired by what we share on ‘Our Family Travels’.  We hope […]

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