Are you a heartfelt traveller?

From the moment I began OFT, I have been blown away by how many other passionate family travellers I have connected with along the way.  It has been so inspiring, to see how other families travel, share in their triumphs and also support each other during the mishaps not so glorious moments.

A common thread.  We all want to create heartfelt moments for our family.

So welcome to a new chapter on the OFT website called the Heartfelt Series.  This series will feature interviews from inspiring family travellers  &  also those that live in their city or town so well.   The series will include two streams.


  Heartfelt Traveller

The family travellers passionate about packing their suitcase and exploring searching moments and creating memories.  A family that takes on all the pitfalls of family travel and overcomes it and even relishes it with creativity and grace.  All members of their family are equally catered for in regard to fun, excitement and joy.  They are most happiest collecting stamps in their passports and memories in their hearts.


  Heartfelt Local

The family that love to live and explore their own town, city or suburb.  They venture off creating wild amazing memories and always know the best family friendly cafe’s too!  Weekends are for exploring a little further afield and memories stored for recollecting.  If you are visiting their hometown its best to ask these locals for some great advice.


So which one are you?  If you would like to be interviewed for this series, please get in touch.   Interviews will be published on this website with links to social media platform.  Let’s share the joy of family travel.

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