Italian Airbnb Experience {Part 1}

Our Italian Airbnb Experience {Part 1}

During our recent adventure in Italy we decided that using Airbnb to book accommodation was the best way to go. Read these articles here about why we love Airbnb and how to get the best out of Airbnb to understand why we use Airbnb when travelling.

Since our last trip to Italy in 2015 there has been some formalisation of Italy’s Airbnb. Certain conditions now to have to be met in order to be approved to list on Airbnb. The result? Great benefits for the traveller. Each host we met was professional, provided excellent service and was fabulous to communicate with. Rest assured, we are always honest with our Airbnb reviews and we don’t recommend anything we don’t enjoy ourselves. 

Our Italian Airbnb Experience {part 1} included Rome and San Felice Circeo. During this part of our holiday, we stayed in three different apartments in Rome, with one trip to the beach. We did head down to Calabria but we stayed with family and an Airbnb booking isn’t necessary when you have Nonna spoiling you!

Here is the round-up of the Airbnb apartments we used during our first two weeks in Italy. 

Rome – Borgo Pio

Funnily enough, we stayed in this Airbnb apartment back in 2015 and it ticked all our boxes of convenience, comfort and style. I decided to see if it was available as it would be great to have something familiar to return to – and it was. 

This apartment is right on the border of the Vatican wall, and I believe it was used for Vatican priests. Walk a couple of metres down the street and you hit the restaurant area of Borgo Pio where tables and chairs spill out onto the streets. Head the opposite way to explore the stunning marvel of the Vatican. Perfect for beating the crowds, getting there early or enjoying an evening stroll.

I highly recommend this apartment during your stay in Rome. The only change was a double fold-out bed instead of two singles in the second bedroom so our children shared a bed. I loved the small balcony for enjoying a morning coffee or afternoon aperitif.

You can find the link to this apartment here

Rome la Suite degli Angeli 

We arrived in Rome back from Calabria a few days earlier than expected so we needed a place to stay. I contacted our Airbnb host for our next apartment to see if we could get an additional two nights, however it was not available. Roberto found us an alternative apartment exactly where we wanted and we were thrilled.

Located right on Via Cola Di Renzo (one of Rome’s finest shopping strips), this wonderful apartment boasts two bedrooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen and a separate lounge. If you love being in walking distance to great shops and eateries, this apartment is perfect. As a family of four we had heaps of space and the well-equipped kitchen meant preparing breakfast, coffees and snacks was easy.

You can find the link to this apartment here 

Rome – Giuletta House

Our next move was just a few blocks from Giuletta House which was another stunning apartment on the 5th floor of a gorgeous complex. Natural light floods in from both sides, due to a well-designed central courtyard, and there was room for all of us to spread out: three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a spacious kitchen. Roberto, our host, sat with us upon arrival and shared his top tips. We visited a great restaurant later that day, which he recommended (I’ll share more of that later), and he arranged a private tour of the Roman Forum with tour guide Claudia from Rome Touring.

Giuletta House is perfect for the family needing space and loving to live like a local. I love how these apartments feature stunning oversized doors. 

Find the link to this apartment here.

Beach house San Felice Circeo

We were treated to a weekend on the beach at San Felice Circeo, away from the hustle and bustle of Rome, at a private villa only just recently listed as an Airbnb holiday rental. Roberto, our host at Giuletta House, arranged our stay as a collaboration with Our Family Travels to help promote this new rental he manages. I have to say, we were blown away! 

San Felice Circeo is located about an 1.5 hour drive from Rome, a popular coastal town frequented by the Romans due to its proximity, stunning beaches and relaxed atmosphere. Just take a walk along the beach and you’ll understand why. With pop-up restaurants, umbrellas and deck chairs on offer, the only thing you need is a swimsuit and a good book.

The villa itself is a well-appointed family home with four bedrooms, large enough to sleep 8-10 people. Styled in vibrant Italian colours, mixed with a relaxed beach aesthetic, we all squealed with joy when we entered the home – we immediately fell in love. We enjoyed sitting on the porch, sunbathing and the kids even had a dip in the pool. This villa is spacious enough to run around in so if you never ventured outside during your stay, I wouldn’t blame you. 

You can find the link to this apartment here

Also worth knowing!

Did you know that most apartment buildings in Rome have a  porterie? It’s like a doorman and building manager, all rolled into one. The local porterie usually lives in the building, or near it, and we would often ask our porterie information about best places to eat or where to get a taxi, among many other things. 

I hope you found this article on our Airbnb stays helpful for planning your own trip to Rome. If you haven’t used Airbnb before, sign up using this link and get a credit for your first stay! 

More posts to come, sharing more of our stays after we left Rome.

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9 thoughts on “Italian Airbnb Experience {Part 1}

  1. If all AirBnb homes like Giuletta House, I definitely wouldn’t mind staying in an AirBnb instead in my foreign travels. Speaking of, I have never experienced that, booking AirBnb for my foreign travels. I prefer hostels just because they are cheaper and most of the time I’m out anyway. But I do understand that with you and your family, it’s best to stay in real homes. And you sure made a good choice here. That view is amazing.

  2. The airbnb provides really good stay options. We were very tempted to book an airbnb stay on our own Italian holiday but somehow we couldn’t. I am not sure if you applied for a visa, but do you know that if you do apply for a visa, what document you show from the airbnb for the same.

  3. Never stayed in BnB. Tour experience sounds great more because you went for a second time there.
    The one near the beach sounds great I love the views.

  4. Really nice and interesting post. I love the beach house of San Felipe Circeo, the view is simply stunning and I could feel the freshness of its environment. Truly homey and relaxing 🙂

  5. Wow!! My first Air BnB experience was when I was in Florence, it was a very cozy place but scary (well just in my head) cause my room was at the attic of an old monument building. Anyway, the one with the beach view looks amazing!!

  6. I have not tried Bnb.But reading the good experiences like these tempt me to try one soon on our next trip. The Beach house San Felipe Circeo is beautiful especially the pool.

  7. I am a fan of Airbnb! Our last stay was at a mansion, but that’s here in the PH. I also used it when we were in Japan and everything was perfect! I loved the Beach house San Felice Circeo! That pool really compliments everything and a pool is a great additional to every trip!

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