The verdict on our first island holiday

In 2016, amidst the cold Australian winter we escaped and booked our first Island holiday to Fiji.  It had been on my list for the past five years for but some reason we had never got around to actually making an island holiday a priority, always seeking an alternative for our holiday destination.

So with nine days in Denarau Sheraton Resort there was nothing left to do than pack some swimmers, a few clothes and good book.  We showed our children aged 10 and 7 at the time the photos of numerous pools they could swim in, activities they could participate in and long beaches to stroll upon. They were pretty keen!

 As the time drew nearer the thought of a relaxing island holiday started to really excite me.  No heavy itineraries, or lining up to see popular tourist attractions.  Just sun, cocktails, swimming and time with the family. 

So, what was the verdict on our first island holiday?  We loved it! 

As providence would have, this was the holiday we needed.  Before heading off, we agreed that we would not fill our days with too many activities rather see how it would be to relax, spend time together and take each day slowly. 

It was amazing. Our first family island holiday was a success and here is what we loved:

The location  – Denaru – Fiji

We selected a resort that had reviews for being family friendly and it was.  The children are respected by the staff so diligently  (this is the Fijian nature) that it was a delight to be greeted each morning with a Bula! The resort itself was extremely well equipped to and designed to make you feel relaxed the minute to walk in.  From the opulent, open air front reception, to bars and lounges located on the beach as a stunning vista awaits you at every turn.  

The activities

Our days were not filled with “stuff to do”, rather there was the option if we wanted.  Perhaps one given afternoon we could basket weave, or participate in zumba, water aerobics or a kids cooking class.   My husband played some golf and I got a massage and we took one family outing on a boat to treasure island for the day. 

The people

The Fijians would have to be happiest, and most graceful people I have met  and this alone is so unique to the island holiday vibe.  They always greet you with a smile, a wave and a “Bula!”  which is like there informal hello/goodbye.   They are patient and kind and their relaxed manner has you getting your brain used to “Fiji time” in no time.  It really is a great place for relaxation of both the mind and body

The culture

We learnt a lot about the culture of the Fijians whist on holidays.  There is plenty to do that also teaches you and your family about the history and cultural significance of Fiji and their inhabitants.  We attended the cultural ceremony, enjoyed entertainment by the Fijian dancers and witnessed the hot rock walking ceremony.   We also partook in a traditional Fijian meal.  Taking in a new culture and history added to the sense of wonderment of this island holiday.  It wasn’t all just palm trees and swimming pools.  An island holiday on Fiji was an cultural and mindfulness experience.

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Have you been on an island holiday?  We would love to explore other islands.  Let me know your recommendations. 

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