Top reasons to visit Bath with your family

Top reasons to visit Bath with your family

During our holiday to England in 2015 we were very keen to spend time in Bath and were very glad we did. It soon became a family favourite with our list of top reasons to visit Bath growing each day.   Away from the hustle and bustle of London, but not too far, it offers the opportunity to experience England in a different way.   With a focus on natural beauty, relaxed ambience and history,  Bath is a destination that has so much to offer a family.   If you are planning a trip to the UK, I highly recommend a visit to Bath.  

top reasons to visit Bath with your family

Here are our top reasons to visit Bath with your family…

It’s close to London 

If you are planning a trip to England, most people start in the capital of London, which needs no further explanation. Sure, it is a great place to start but if you have enough time, a trip to Bath is easy as it is only just over an hour by train.  You could go for the day, however if you are like us, you will fall in love and want to stay longer…

It’s a walkable town

If you stay in the centre of Bath – we stayed at Jane Austen’s house in Bath, just a few minutes from town – then walking is a great way to explore.  If not, the hop-on hop-off bus tour is a great way to get around and see the sights.

It’s visually spectacular

From Great Pultney Rd to Pultney Bridge, The Royal Cresent, The Pump Rooms, Roman Baths and Bath Abbey, there is so much to leave you transfixed.  We loved walking around the Royal Crescent, admiring the sweeping architecture dating back to the 1760s. The Bath Abbey was a great experience for the children with a kids’ quiz to complete as we walked around, making it so much fun for them.  We had a great volunteer tour guide help the kids whilst us adults could soak in the Gothic architecture.  

Get out and explore 

We used the time based in Bath to hire a car and drive to Axminster, including Lyme Regis and also Stone Henge.  It was so easy to navigate, made for a great day out and we saw the great sights of south-west London.

Parks and gardens 

For families with active kids appreciate good parks and gardens.  The Sydney Gardens and The Holburne Museum were located across from our accommodation. Before sunset we would head out on a nightly stroll and explore Parade Garden, which is in the centre of town – this is a lovely sunken park which you have to pay for to walk through but it’s well worth it.    

I hope these top reasons why Bath is up there as a great family destination make you consider adding it to your family travel itinerary. We will certainly return.

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Have you visited Bath with your family?  What did you love about it?  I would love to know.



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