Why London is a great destination for families

Often I hear the presumption that families should avoid big cities when travelling with children.   However, I have found this is not always true.   In fact, there are some fabulous cities that I think are an absolutely perfect destination to travel to as a family.   Let me tell you why London is a great destination for families.  

London for families?

Our London stay was five days and, most likely, we just scratched the surface of what was on offer.   During our visit, we stayed in a fabulous 2 bedroom apartment in Soho that I found on Airbnb.  Furthermore, it was centrally located, within walking distance to great sights and public transport at your doorstep.  Therefore, a fabulous array of eateries and entertainment were close by.  We were actually staying above a German sausage shop!  


If you have been considering London as a destination for your family, I highly recommend it and here are my reasons why London is a great destination for families…

1. Those iconic feels 

If your children can’t recognise Big Ben, the red telephone booth or Tower Bridge, then they are either too young or have been hiding under a rock since birth.  This city is a like a story book which has come to life and this is what makes London the perfect city for children to explore.

2. Soar to great heights 

Must-do tourist attractions in London are undoubtedly the double decker bus & the London Eye.  These two attractions are an ideal way for children to see the sights whilst perched up high.   There is something that appeals to children about a double decker bus and the London Eye… well, that’s just a modern-day ferris wheel so what’s not to love! 

I would recommend getting your bus tickets here &

London Eye tickets here

3.Fairy tales 

Whether your children are into Paddington, Harry Potter or are real-life royalty-obsessed, this is the town to soak up your fantasy.  Sit with Paddington Bear at St Pancreas Station or visit 9 3/4 platform that Harry Potter uses to go to Hogwarts.  Alternatively, head to Buckingham Palace to wave to the Royal Family and enjoy the pomp and ceremony with the changing of the guard.  All this visual candy is a feast for any child!

Check out this great walking tour we did for Changing of the Guard at Buckingham Palace! 

4. Hamley’s 

Whilst I’m just like other parents which means I’m rather skeptical about any toy shop visit, this is one shop that literally blew my mind.  The helpful, fun staff are there to interact and play with your child.  We turned our 30-minute stop into a two-hour pure enjoyment extravaganza.  From flying fold-up kites to magic textas, cars driving up vertical walls and clocks you can personalise so it sings your child’s name, this place really has it all.

5.  History everywhere you turn

Whilst kids may not be the first group of individuals to jump at the chance to get a dose of history, London makes it fun.  Visit the National Transport Museum, National History Museum and Tower of London & Crown Jewels Tour.  We found they cater perfect for kids, with maps, quizzes to do on the way (easing the guilt if your child is missing school!) and interactive elements that allow kids to be kids and get hands-on with the displays. 

Recommended:   Tower of London & Crown Jewels Tour 

6. Food 

London (and England in general) is renowned for its very typical English fare.  Think burgers, bangers and mash, pies and a good old roast.  I never met a kid who didn’t enjoy tucking into a burger and fries!  You will find such a selection of restaurants and eateries in London.   The fussiest of children will be easy to please.  Pubs are great and offer fabulous meal option and bistros, Italian restaurants (like Jamie’s Italian) are a winner for any family.  Harry Morgans was our favourite dining experience whilst in London.   This iconic Jewish deli did not disappoint.   


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I hope that gives you the incentive to put London on your list of family destinations!

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