Tips to finding the best accommodation on AirBnb

tips to finding the best accommodation on airbnb

tips to finding the best accommodation on airbnbtips to finding the best accommodation on airbnb

It’s no secret I love to use Airbnb when travelling – you can read here why it works for families!   I love seeing our destination of trips stack up, however, with all the choices now on offer and the media always ready to pounce when someone has a bad experience, I understand it can be daunting.  Honing your skills to find the best accommodation on AirBnb is something well worth spending time on.

Here are my tips to find the best accommodation on Airbnb

Have a list of non-negotiable requirements 

The search filters on Airbnb are now so advanced you can be really selective with what type of accommodation you want. For example, do you want an entire home (i.e. not shared), how many rooms, bathrooms?  It’s great you can be more specific and also add the number of adults and children, rather than just guests. Other requirements you can add in the filter are things like family friendly, lift access,  wifi and washing machine.  Make your own list and stick to it!

Read the reviews  

Once I’ve narrowed down my search, I read the reviews of those I’m considering.  The honest truth will be portrayed right there. Take your time and read through  at least ten random reviews. Check the star rating and also if your host is a super host (which means they consistently rate high).   You might find the host wasn’t contactable, there are 5 flights of stairs, or it’s really noisy on the weekend.  Then again, you might read the location was within walking distance of all the sights you want to see, and the home was exactly as pictured and even came with a coffee machine.  As a personal rule of thumb, I don’t book a home that hasn’t been reviewed.  

Check the map 

You can search by town, and use the map filter as well.  This will help you really work out where you want to be situated. Very handy when travelling with a family as you have to work out walkability to restaurants, supermarkets and public transport. 

Have a questions? Email the host  

Airbnb is a great community and your host is most likely just like you, so why not email your host and use the Airbnb message platform to get the information you need to ensure you make the right decision?

Do all your booking, messaging and payments within Airbnb

This will protect you should anything go wrong.  If a host asks you to pay outside of the Airbnb booking format, you are not protected and should refuse.  

I hope these tips give you the confidence to use Airbnb on your next adventure. 

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