Creating video memories of your holiday

A great way to create a memory of a holiday is with a short video.

Nowadays, with phones and gopros taking such amazing footage – paired with easy-to-use movie apps – there is no reason why you can’t make a short clip to capture a moving memory of your holiday.

Here are my tips to capturing a great holiday video.

Get normal interaction

Try to ensure your interaction is unposed which means your subject doesn’t have to be looking at the camera. Capturing more natural behaviour will make great footage!

Have fun with angles

Take some footage whilst standing on a chair or low down to the ground.  Try a bird’s eye view or follow objects moving at their own speed.

Make memories of the little things

In this video we were staying at a gorgeous cottage in Torquay we all absolutely loved.  I took some stills and video of the place and used that in the video too because it was such wonderful memory of our trip.

Put music to it

Music makes everything better so why not add it to your video for that ultimate holiday feel!

Have fun – it’s ultimately about creating a fun memory.  Don’t feel burdened by capturing every moment or else you will be stuck behind a camera the whole time.  A few minutes here and there, and you will have a great selection to stitch together to make a video.




Torquay 2015 from brenda on Vimeo.

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