Why AirBnb is a great option for families

why airbnb is a great option for families


OFT - Why Airbnb is a great option for families
why airbnb is a great option for families


Why Airbnb is a great option for families….

It is a wonderful experience to travel as a family!  Each new place we visit creates wonderful memories that are simply priceless.  However, one element of holiday planning that can be tricky to navigate is accommodation options.  Have you considered Airbnb?  I will tell you why Airbnb is a great option for families.

Why Airbnb?

Hotels are often small, cramped and, sharing an open space with them can be very tricky, especially when you have young children or teenagers. This is why I am a huge fan of AirBnb.

Let me tell you why Airbnb is a great option for families:

  1.  The flexibility of the type of accommodation on offer.  Due to the fact that Airbnb is a collection of privately owned homes and spaces to rent, your options are limitless.  From private rooms to entire abodes, it really is a one-stop-shop for all types of accommodation.
  2. Get more bang for your buck – Accommodation on Airbnb is almost always cheaper than booking a hotel.   I find I get more for my money because hotels cannot offer me the same features that I deem important while on holidays.  In comparison, a family suite in a hotel usually has all the beds in one room.  Getting real beds, space, a kitchen and private  bedrooms are some of the reasons why Airbnb is a great options for families.  Other benefits are being able to have the option of whipping up a quick meal if the kids are tired, and space to be a family and spread out a little further than a normal hotel room.
  3. Home away from home – When travelling as a family, it’s not all cocktails and sunshine. As a result, it is important to us to feel that we are still able to function as a family.   Meals have to be made, snacks purchased and clothes washed.  With home-like facilities, such as a full kitchen, washing machine and fridge, it means having the flexibility to be a family and do family things whilst on holidays. And that can only be a good aid in the enjoyment of the holiday.
  4. The charm – Find a charming place and it adds to your complete holiday experience.  I find hotels or serviced apartments are often bland and just the same.  The holiday begins with a great place!


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Why Airbnb is great for families

Interested in trying Airbnb?

For more tips on how to find the best AirBnb accommodation read this article.

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